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When Mr. Soleimani decides to sell his reception hall due to his deteriorating mental health, his employees have only twenty days to make him change his mind. Mr. Soleimani’s handf ...

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  • A House without a Bird
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Which of the following characters that Shahab Hosseini has portrayed do you like the most?
  • Please play milk and honey again ...thank ifilm...i love ifilm
  • Hi, i have a question. Do u exist as a tv channel or an app which can be viewed on smart tv like Glwiz? How can we see your programs/films? Thank You!
  • Hello am one of your funs, pls I love that movie CHEF pls show it again. I love u all and thanks for contributing into my days
  • Hello IFILM. Happy new year.I am 7 years old and i really enjoy watching your channel. My favorite channel is fall of an angel.I wanted to know when is the last episode of fall of an angel? I also liked watching 3x4 and four wheels. They are very funny. Thank you so much for your channel.
  • Salam IFILM, happy new year. I am 11 years old and I really enjoy watching your channel. I especially like watching fall of an angel. I watch it every night with my family. Thank you for showing such great films in English.
  • Hello there, iFilm, these days it's very difficult to find innocent people like the characters played on the film "Downshift"; which I enjoy watching it very much. With lots of love for your message on your every touch of the programs transmitted that I followed so far. Keep up the good Job. Miki
  • I love to watch your movies on IFilm. I can learn your culture tradition and customes through I Film . speciallybI like comedy anr romantic I prefet If you add. Thank you continue nice channel and lively country and lovely people
  • I love ifilm tv; thanks for taking the time to read our comments and answer whatever questions we have. I have a request; if you please can play "Mukhtar Al-Thaqafi" please. Thanks for showing the world the true Islam
  • hello; please i want to know how can i download Iranian movies dubbed in English but also with English subtitles from I film ? Best Regards
  • hi can you please feature mohammad reza golzars films and serials i would really appreciate it thank you