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Effat and Firooz are living at the carpet cleaning center they own. Firooz’s sister has gotten married to Effat’s brother and the two guys just can’t get along with each other. Bot ...

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The program U&i is a bridge between you and iFILM. How well do you think it’s connecting you to the channel and what suggestions do you have to improve it?

How many hours a week do you watch iFILM English?
  • Hi am Charley from Cameroon, i really enjoy the film its very educative , I i learn a lot from it. But i dd not know if i had all the episode , actually how many episode are there in this series?, i have only watched up to the 25th episode .. Please its so sweet i wish it never ends....
  • My family and I enjoyed watching neighbors, Day of envy, Saint Mary, profit Joseph and sweet and sour and journey through Iran. Thank you!
  • Salam ifilm! I'm Noor from Sweden and i'm watching your channel everyday and my favorite series is ''The Sound of Rain'' and ''Neighbors'' Thank you very much for that channel.