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Hatef comes back to Iran after thirty years for the funeral of his father, who’s has left him a letter in which he confesses to having gotten rid of the girl Hatef loved so he coul ...

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Do you enjoy watching historical period dramas? Do you think they have an impact on young people? And do you have a favorite one you’d like us to broadcast?

Which music video did you like best?
  • my favorite channel ifilm hi and well done. please please please show more new films and series. i have send you messages, non of them mentioned any how i love you and ifilm, good luck and god bless all of you .
  • dear ifilm i love your iranian comedies thats why i choose ifilm to watch thats why i suggest to all around me to watch ifilm too, thanks a lot . show more funny films and movies.
  • Hello ifilm I'm one of you audience. I always keep in touch with you and I communcate with you on both of Arabic and English sites, I also have answered you many questions and you answered all of them, my favoraite actor is "Reza Rooegari" and I was worry about him ... My first letter of my name is H..then can you guess who am I??^_^
  • Hello darling ifilm, can you guss who am I?? Let's give you some informations about me the first letter of my name is "H" I send my opinions on both of arabic and english web I have a sister called "Hadeel" she's also communicate with you..I love Redha Rooegari and I have asked you many quesions and you who am I?
  • hi... I watched on of the movies.I didn't notice the name of course.The dubbing was great and it can be supportive for anyone like me to excel their english skills.The worse is that it is not broadcasted in digital net of iran. why isn't it broadcasted in iran?!! i raelly loved to watched such movies that are dubbed to english. the press tv is just news and uses formal words that really bores me to death.the i film that is being broadcased in iran has the arabic dub which doesnt intrest me.the reason that i rarely watch foregin movies is that they dont suit our culture and the way they talk is really hard to uanderstand for me.
  • asalm Calum. I am Somali plz telme sheikh fadlulah Nuri history and love I do I like iflim totally golinAar&Riz
  • hi, I enjoyed watching IFILM, however there is this language barrier, can you please subtitle your films in english? thanks
  • salaam ifilm, i love ifilm so much and i follow your series , but your historical and old movies are too much boring , that makes me to turn off my tv, im your huge fan well actually all my family are, but whenever you gonna show us traditional and historical its just waiting times please show more new films, please be up to date.
  • Hi please ZyrAsmanShahr series 2 and 3 to play
  • hello , well actually they are great, such these movies lets us know about Iran in past. well for those people such as my family and i , those that are irani and far away from Iran and Persian cultural issues such these films make them familiar with our lovely country. thank you ifilm