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The Gift of Darkness

The story of a man who gets recruited by a terrorist organization, the MKO, and the struggle between his conscience and the heartless, inhumane actions the MKO tries to brainwash h ...

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Do you enjoy watching historical period dramas? Do you think they have an impact on young people? And do you have a favorite one you’d like us to broadcast?

Which music video did you like best?
  • Selam Pls can you add subtitles also in your movies. Selam
  • hi could u put goodbye child when silk road is done at 7:00 plz
  • Salam. Is there a way I can view previously shown series?
  • Salam. Recordedings of your drama series on Ifilm tv have stopped playing devices including TV, laptop and samsung android phone. Please advise Regards
  • ifilm you promised me that you will tell Mr.Rooygari what I said about him..did you tell him?
  • I really liked the fact that you can speak Spanish. My Spanish isn’t so good but I am doing my best to learn. I think I’m a fast learner. I think you’re a great showman. Enjoy your program. Specially the updates you give on the films and series that are going to be broadcast. ☺ Take care ya’ll and good luck. Pedro
  • I like iFilm how do I submit a video about my trip to tehran please advise
  • nice
  • I have wanted to contact you for a long time. But I had to wait for my grandson to come and help. I wanted to ask for a music video after I saw that you play the videos we ask for. The music video I want to watch on your show is from the film mother directed by ali hatami. He is my favorite actor. Could you play more of the films he has directed?
  • Can you please play the song honeymoon for me. thank you very much.